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A fresh new program for women’s health at every stage of life.

At Marshall Medical we’re raising our commitment to women’s health to a new level. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a health-conscious lady looking for wellness resources, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered.

The free program is called HealthyHer, and it’s designed to give women in our community the focused care and attention you deserve. HealthyHer is comprised of three distinct stage-of-life programs, each with great benefits that will grow and evolve as we learn more about what is important to you.

HealthyHer members:

We’re interested in your thoughts about upcoming events for HealthyHer members. Please help us to plan fun activities that are worthwhile to the women of Marshall County.

Cooking Class
Sips & Strokes (painting) Class


Twice A Year

HealthyHer members are welcome in businesses throughout Marshall County and surrounding areas. Download the pdf below for details about discount programs and special offers.

HealthyHer Contact Data


256.753.8925 for Arab area residents

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Baby, Oh Baby!


If you’re an expectant mother, you’ll love Baby, Oh Baby! The program offers comprehensive benefits ranging from a free 9-month membership at TherapyPlus to a special post-delivery dinner for mom and dad. It also helps you after delivery to be the woman you want to be…healthy and active.

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound (details provided by your OB physician)
  • 9-month free membership at TherapyPlus (including session with personal trainer)
  • Parent CPR, First Aid and Home Safety classes
  • Baby Ready classes (details provided by your OB physician)
  • Private nutrition consultations
  • Special dinner for Mom and Dad
  • Meal vouchers for Dad and family
  • Literacy Partnership - prototype program with Guntersville Public Library

Women's Network

For women of all ages, this is the Wellness Outreach component of HealthyHer. Benefits range from informative Lunch ’N Learn opportunities to special women-only trips and events.

  • Informative Lunch ‘N Learns (including free meals) covering topics such as:
    • Diet/Nutrition/Exercise
    • Osteoporosis
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Children’s Health and Nutrition
    • Breast Cancer
    • Skin Cancer
    • Incontinence
    • Cooking Classes
  • Community health events held in conjunction with area businesses who reach women of all ages
  • Wellness programs with area businesses who employ large numbers of women
  • Group Discounts for Area Entertainment, Venues, Events and Trips

Smart Start

A program to benefit 5th and 6th grade girls, this component of HealthyHer will feature a health-education outreach for girls at this critical age, and also involve mothers and/or grandmothers. It’s being developed in concert with Community Outreach Coordinators at city and county schools, and those in surrounding areas.

  • General nutrition and nutritional counseling
  • Fitness and personal training
  • Appropriate skin care
  • Healthy self-image development
  • Partners in Education - in conjunction with Community Outreach Coordinators at schools in Marshall County and surrounding areas. This will be a two-hour combination learning and networking event held annually. Class curriculum is currently under development.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision: To provide world-class healthcare with a personal touch.