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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

With two convenient locations, TherapyPlus physical therapy centers provide comprehensive rehabilitative services.

We pair the latest technological advances in equipment with one-on-one personal attention. And with two Olympic-size pools, plus a smaller, warmer arthritic therapy pool, we offer the only option for local aquatic therapy.

We take pride in spending time with each patient. We work together with your physician, and communicate with their office about your condition on a regular basis. After your Physical Therapist reviews your history, injury and possible surgery report, a treatment plan is established for each visit, keeping in close contact with your physician. We also include a program to follow after each Physical Therapy session, as we believe the most effective therapy includes knowing what to do when you get home.

Working with physicians to formulate specific strategies, we also devise programs of stretching and strengthening that give lasting benefits long after therapy has ended. Whether you’re a gardener or a golfer, whether you’ve had surgery or a stroke, it’s good to know the best physical therapy is available close to home.

Physical Therapy for a Broad Range of Needs, at Two Convenient Locations.

  • Orthopedic therapy for lower back, neck, knee or shoulder surgeries or problems, hip replacements, ankle sprains
  • Injuries following car accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Neurological injuries and disorders such as a stroke and neuropathy
  • Balance impairments causing falls
  • Post-operative therapy for all types of surgeries
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Arthritis pool therapy for painful joints

Specialized Physical Therapy Services

Anodyne Therapy: Research has shown that Anodyne therapy, combined with an exercise program of stretching and strengthening, can help improve blood flow to the extremities to improve feeling and sensation in the legs and feet. This also includes improved flow to the nerves, which improves supply to the muscles. One example of a patient who can benefit from Anodyne therapy is someone with peripheral neuropathy. Others include patients with balance issues causing them to fall.

Biodex Therapy: Biodex TherapyAs we age, balance can worsen and increase the tendency to stumble and fall. Biodex is a way not only to test balance, but also allows the patient to work on the balance problems and reduce the likelihood of falling. Patients that have had strokes can also use the Biodex system to improve their walking. Athletes and others involved in various sports have also begun to use the Biodex system to improve balance in preparation for returning to sports after injuries and surgeries.

Aquatics/Water Therapy: Marshall Medical’s TherapyPlus offers the only local resources for aquatics therapy, with an Olympic-size pool at each location. We also have smaller aquatic therapy pools for individual patient treatments. Some patients are not ready to begin a full exercise program on land, due to excess pain, or weakness. Beginning exercise therapy in water not only is easier, but the water also decreases the pressure on joints. This can reduce pain and allow the patient to progress faster with fewer problems.

Special Care for Spine-Related Issues Spine Related Issues

The Physical Therapists at TherapyPlus have extensive experience in the treatment of spinal dysfunctions, including lower back pain and neck pain, and injuries. With constant research being done on lower back, neck, and other spinal problems, our therapists attend continuing education courses, learning the latest and most innovative treatment techniques available. State-of-the-art equipment (such as spinal decompression) is available at TherapyPlus. And our therapists offer expertise in manual techniques, including developments of exercise programs to enhance spinal strength and stability.

Sports MedicineSports Medicine

Sports Medicine at TherapyPlus is committed to excellence in healthcare for athletes of all ages, providing prevention, treatment and education programs for all levels of experience and ability. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality sports medicine services to meet the unique needs of both recreational and competitive athletes and coaches.

Special Focus on Student-Athletes

Our Athletic Trainers attend both practices and games of local high schools and our community college. If an injury should occur, they are on-site to assist immediately with the athlete’s need, referring them directly to their physician, and keeping the coaches and parents involved and informed. If appropriate, physical therapy is initiated quickly in an effort to safely return the athlete to competition as soon as possible.

TherapyPlus Contact Data

Therapy Plus Fitness North

North Location
Marshall Medical Center North Campus

8000 AL Highway 69

Guntersville, AL 35976

(256) 571-8857

For Arab Area Residents:
(256) 753-8857

Therapy Plus Fitness South

South Location
TherapyPlus Physical Therapy Facility

4198 US Highway 431

Albertville, AL 35950

(256) 891-1226

Making a Splash

Making A Splash.

We Offer Marshall County’s Only Aquatic Therapy.

Water buoyancy helps reduce pressure on joints, making exercise in water easier and less painful for some patients who can’t tolerate typical land therapy. Aquatic Therapy offers a number of benefits:

  • Allows greater joint range of motion, providing increased flexibility.
  • Allows a “full body” workout with minimal resistance.
  • Improves blood circulation, assisting the reduction of joint swelling.
  • Excellent for patients experiencing chronic pain, who are not able to tolerate exercise programs on land.
  • Excellent method to allow slow progression of weight-bearing activities for those with hip and spinal fractures and other injuries.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision: To provide world-class healthcare with a personal touch.