Community Value Five-Star Hospital.

Marshall Medical is proud to receive the prestigious Community Value Five-Star rating.

We strive for high-quality healthcare in everything we do.

But it’s always nice to be noticed.

Marshall Medical Centers was recently recognized as a top-ranked hospital by Cleverley + Associates. Cleverley + Associates, a leading healthcare financial consulting firm specializing in operational benchmarking and performance enhancement strategies, released the findings as part of its new publication: State of the Hospital Industry – 2016 Edition.

The topic of healthcare value is increasingly being discussed in the media. Recent in-the-news highlights about hospital performance and pricing have driven the dialog, yet left interested parties in the hospital industry looking for objective information regarding the issues. In response, the CVI was created to provide an assessment of a hospital’s performance in four areas:

  • Financial viability and plant reinvestment
  • Hospital cost structure
  • Hospital charge structure
  • Hospital quality performance
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