InsideOut Ostomy Support Group

The InsideOut Ostomy Support Group meets the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm in the Marshall Cancer Care Center.

The support group will focus on ostomy education, covering topics including skincare and supplies. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and learn from each other.

InsideOut is open to individuals who currently have an ostomy, have previously had an ostomy, are considering an ostomy procedure, or provide support to someone who has an ostomy.

An ostomy is an opening created surgically, at the abdomen, that allows for elimination of bodily waste.                                                                                                  

For more information about InsideOut call the Cancer Care Center at (256) 894-6750.

NOTE:   This is a “lay -led” support group designed with the goal of helping ostomy patients with the emotional and daily management of their ostomy.   It is designed to provide peer support and education.  For medical advice, patients should seek guidance from a trained ostomy professional.